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Dr. Aaron Judkins (as host) | Guest - Brandon Masullo

Haunted Theories



A.J. Rasmussen

Mind, Body and Spirituality


A.J. Rasmussen (as co-host)

Magickal Astrology, Spiritual Paths and Witchcraft



Alejandro Rojas

Ufology, AATIP, and To The Stars Academy

Brandon Masullo

Haunted Theories To Make You Think Twice


Bruce Gernon

Answer To The Bermuda Triangle and Time


Bruce R. Fenton

Alien Hybrid Evolution

Humans Evolving Out of Australia

The Forgotten Exodus - Rethinking Human Evolution

Carole Carle

The Fox Sisters Haunting and Horror

UFO News

Carole Carle (Guest Host)

The Real Chase Kloetzke and Investigating UFOs


Chase Kloetzke

The Real Chase Kloetzke and Investigating UFOs



Cheryl Costa

Consciousness and Finding One's Self - A Life Story
UFOs Come Alive In Statistical Data


Christopher O’Brien

Cattle Mutilations and Paranormal Portals



Christine Day

Alien Psychic Contact - Human Potenial


Commander Cobra

Expert of The Skies | Behind The Black Ops Curtain of UFOs



Crystal Hope Reed

Pet Psychic Communication



Dan Hoquist

Giants Anunnaki & Hidden History


David Halperin

The UFO Myth, A Human Condition


Gayle Beatty

Cryptids and Sasquatch of New York


Dr. Heather Lynn

Evil Archaeology Part 1

Evil Archaeology Part 2



Heidi Hollis

Faith & Shadow People

Spiritual Light To Face The Dark

Horror & Humor a Story of Shadow People


Jason Miller

The Spellcrafting of Witchcraft - Reality Vs. Fantasy


Jay Yates

Ghosts & Monsters


Jennifer Stein

The Walton Abduction Story With Travis Walton


Jessica Freeburg

Ghosts & Monsters
The Alien-Crypto-Monster-Connection & The Sociology of Human Interaction

Jimmy Petonito

Phantom Messages From Beyond

Joe LaValley

2012 Really Was Something Big


Dr. Joseph Selbie

The Physics of God


Josie Varga

Near Death Experience - Evidence For Life After Death


Joseph Burkes

Contact of The Alien Mind

Extraterrestrial Healing Evidence

Karl Pfeiffer

Hellier - A Game Changing Documentary



Kevin Titus

Signing a UFO Sighting Into Official U.S Historical Records


Ken Summers

Queer Ghost Hauntings



Kieran Woodhouse

Ghost Hunting - Spirits vs. Ghosts



Kathleen Marden

The True Roswell UFO Story & New Thoughts With Stanton Friedman

UFOs: Military & Government Involvement & Eyewitnesses

In Memory of Stanton T. Friedman Roundtable


Ken Cherry

The Stephenville UFO

Texas Ufologist - Stories of UFOs and The Paranormal



Ken Gerhard

Chasing Monsters & UFOs


Kevin D. Randle

UFO Landing In Socorro New Mexico

UFOs & Project Blue Book, Reality vs TV

Phoenix Lights Round-table


Kimberly Dawn

What The Dark Doesn't Want You To Know



Larry Holcombe

U.S. Presidents & UFOs, A History of The Unites States Cover-up

The Beginning of Disclosure - It Has Long Since Started


Lisa Barretta

Metaphysics of Tattoos

Magical Tattoos - Spiritual Uplifting



Lori Ann Spagna

Psychic Metaphysical Lessons & Human Evolution

Mark D’Antonio

Astronomically Alien



Marie D. Jones

Reprogram Your Mind

Metaphysical Approach To Breaking Habits



Mary Rodwell

Star Visitors Activate Humans


Mike McCaskill

Getting To Know Ghosts

Communicating With Ghosts and Spirits


Mike Rogers

Phoenix Lights Round Table/ E.T. UFO or Airship
His Story On UFOs, Realism, and Life

In Memory of Stanton T. Friedman Roundtable



Michael 8 (Septembryo)

Paranormal Music



Michael Brein

The Road To Strange - Close Encounters



Natalie Fowler

Ghost Transitions and Cryptids



Nick Redfern

Real Life Horror: The Slenderman


Penney Peirce

Subtle Energies, Trusting Intuition And The Bettering Of Self & Reality


Peter Robbins

A Controversial Truth Honestly Revealed

Ufology: Trust and Ridicule

Phoenix Lights Roundtable

In Memory of Stanton T. Friedman Roundtable


Preston Dennett

Sci-Fi Meets A Ufologist! A Well Woven Story



Reed Summers

An Alien Story With Reed Summers


Rey Hernandez

Paranormal Science, Research and Groundbreaking Studies!

Richard Van Steenberg

Extraterrestrials Living Among Us



Dr. Rita Louise

Ancient Gods & Goddesses as Aliens – The Historical Evidence

Why Humans Act Human, An Alien Perspective



Rob MacGregor

Answer To The Bermuda Triangle and Time


Dr. Robert Davis

Aliens: Nuts & Bolts or Inter-dimensional

Metaphysics of Ufology

Ryan Sprague

The Human Side of Alien Experiences



Skye Alexander

Magickal Astrology, Spiritual Paths and Witchcraft



Sonia Barrett

Usable Spiritual Wisdom



Stanton T. Friedman

The True Roswell UFO Story and New Thoughts - With Kathleen Marden


Steve Alten

E.T.s, U.F.Os and The Big Reveal


Stephen Bassett

E.T. Disclosure Project - The President Who Will Disclose



Ted Peters

Astrotheology, Astrobiology, E.T. & God

God Consciousness & The Cosmos



Thomas Reed

UFO Eyewitness and Abductee


Travis Walton

The Walton Abduction Story



Varla Ventura

Among Mermaids & Creature Tales

Ghosts & Seances - Tales of True Hauntings


William Galison

Aliens Are Here - Paracus Skulls


William J. Hall

Phantom Messages From Beyond



William Stillman

The Secret Language of Spirits

Yellow Brick Road To OZ and To The Stars


Xaviant Haze

Ancient Aliens In The Bible

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